About Us


Deshima Sounds is the brain child of long time friends Neodash Zerox and SuperEuroJimmy. They started to play together back in 2006 at the Dutch event called AnimeCon. This became a big success and eventually the two collaborated to start Deshima Sounds in 2008, with the first party held in October of that year. Ever since Deshima Sounds is a well known name in the Dutch scene, with friends all over Europe. Even in Japan a lot of connections have been made and the Deshima Sounds project is supported by big names in the Japanese dance scene.

Neodash Zerox

Specializes in: Japanese hardcore, freestyle, bass music

If you want to talk to someone who knows their hardcore music, it’s Neodash Zerox. He has been active in the hardcore scene since the beginning and during the years made a lot of friends with Japanese hardcore producers. His love for fast paced dance music is something he likes to share with like-minded. While mingling with other fans, he always treats them a perfect blend of all kinds of different music styles, something he likes to call freestyle.

Neodash Zerox grew up in the heart of the origin of hardcore music, the Netherlands. Throughout his younger years he witnessed the start of early raves, saw the happy hardcore hype bloom and was a fan of the hardcore music that came from those styles. He got bored of the Dutch hardcore music that was released after 2003 and needed to find something else. That’s where he found Japanese hardcore, or j-core, and was hooked right away.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 Neodash Zerox started his weekly live podcast called J-Core Life on Twitch. Every Monday is j-core day, where during this podcast Neodash Zerox discusses j-core albums and has interviews with j-core artists.


Specializes in: eurobeat, house, EDM

SuperEuroJimmy is the Dutch ambassador of the music genre eurobeat and a veteran specialized in Japanese club music. He is one of the very few deejays in Europe who plays the underground music style eurobeat, but doesn’t just limit himself to that. Besides being an eurobeat encyclopedia he’s also your go-to guy for all commercial electronic dance and knows how to bring the Japanese club to life. Everyone just has to dance whenever SuperEuroJimmy is behind the decks!

In his youth SuperEuroJimmy grew up with eurodance, and this passion for dance music is still going strong today. In the early 2000’s SuperEuroJimmy came in touch with Japanese pop music (artists like Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda Kumi), and through the video game Dance Dance Revolution he got introduced to Japanese dance producers. The upbeat and energetic songs got to him and have stayed with him ever since.

Being one of the two founders and owners of Deshima Sounds, SuperEuroJimmy has been active ever since the beginning. His goal is to let the entire world hear all the awesome songs that are hatched in the Land of the Rising Sun!


Deshima Sounds started out as a disco party at an anime convention called Abunai! back in 2005. Here Neodash Zerox played a hardcore music set which was an immediate success. Another convention called AnimeCon wanted a similar event with more pop-styled music. This is where SuperEuroJimmy joined in. Together with Neodash Zerox they showed the crowd a mix of Japanese pop, hiphop, dance and hardcore music, and the crowd loved it! This meant a returning party at both conventions (almost) every year.

In 2008 however, the people at Abunai! decided they didn’t want to book the two deejays. There was no disco event happening at their convention, so Neodash Zerox and SuperEuroJimmy sat together and decided to start their own gig. And thus, Deshima Sounds was born. And ever since 2008 they have been throwing parties at their own events and at other events where they were booked. And they’re still going strong, not planning to stop any time soon!

Past Gigs

To give you an idea of where Deshima Sounds has played before, you can find a list of past events below.

  • September - Abunai! 2005, Hardcore party with Neodash Zerox
  • June - AnimeCon 2006, Neodash Zerox and SuperEuroJimmy first start together
  • September - Abunai! 2006
  • June - AnimeCon 2007
  • August - Abunai! 2007
  • May - AnimeCon 2008
  • October - Deshima Sounds, The first Deshima Sounds party at Club Bazart Den Haag
  • March - Deshima Sounds: Spring Is In The Air, It's Time To Jump, with MC B-Box
  • May - Deshima Sounds at AnimeCon 2009
  • October - Deshima Sounds: Shocking Electronic Vibes
  • April - Deshima Sounds: Bling Bling Baby!, Guest DJ: Omega Zero (Canada)
  • August - Deshima Sounds at Abunai! 2010, Guest DJs: Omega Zero (Canada), ThaChez
  • September - Warp2one, Collaborating party with CSR
  • October - Deshima Sounds: Get Ready For Battle, The Beast Is Coming!, Guest DJ: Reckless
  • May - Deshima Sounds at AnimeCon 2011, Guest DJs: RAVEMAN (Aural Vampire, Japan), Sumlepel, ThaChez
  • May - Deshima Sounds: Light Years Ahead, Guest DJs: JAKAZiD (United Kingdom), Sumlepel
  • August - Deshima Sounds at Abunai! 2011, First time lasershow by Dnstje
  • December - Deshima Sounds: Bits With A Bite, Guest DJ: Eindbaas
  • May - Deshima Sounds at AnimeCon 2012, Guest DJ: Remo-Con (Japan)
  • June- Deshima Sounds: Sumo of Summer
  • August - Deshima Sounds at Abunai! 2012
  • December - Deshima Sounds: Clubbing Yakuza Style, Guest DJ: RoughSketch (Japan), new location at Club Pip
  • June - Deshima Sounds at AnimeCon 2013, Guest DJs: Men of Mega
  • July - Deshima Sounds: 10th Edition, First time in Arnhem
  • August - Deshima Sounds at Abunai! 2013
  • January - Deshima Sounds: Clubbing Japanese Style, Club Pip Den Haag, Guest DJs: DJ Kentai (France), AhoSome (France)
  • April - Deshima Sounds: Rising Sun, new location at Luxor Live Arnhem, Guest DJs: DJ Kentai (France), AhoSome (France)
  • June - Deshima Sounds at Ja!Pan, Eindhoven University of technology
  • June - Deshima Sounds at AnimeCon 2014, Guest DJ: JAKAZiD (United Kingdom)
  • August - Deshima Sounds at Abunai! 2014, Guest DJs: DJ Kentai (France), AhoSome (France)
  • September - Deshima Sounds spin-off party: Lazy Sunday
  • December - Deshima Sounds: Way Of The Samurai, Club Pip Den Haag
  • January - Deshima Sounds at GamePitCon
  • March - Deshima Sounds at TonTonClub XL
  • June - Deshima Sounds at AnimeCon 2015
  • August - Deshima Sounds at TomoParty 2015
  • August - Deshima Sounds at Abunai! 2015, Adä joins as a VJ
  • April - Deshima Sounds at TomoCon 2016
  • June - Deshima Sounds at AnimeCon 2016
  • August - Deshima Sounds at TomoParty 2016
  • August - Deshima Sounds at Abunai! 2016
  • October - Deshima Sounds at TomoFair 2016
  • October - Deshima Sounds at Nishicon 2016
  • April - Deshima Sounds at Tomocon 2017
  • June - Deshima Sounds at AnimeCon 2017
  • July - International Gyaru Festival, hosted by Deshima Sounds
  • August - Deshima Sounds at Abunai 2017
  • August - Deshima Sounds at TomoParty 2017
  • September - Deshima Sounds at TomoFair 2017
  • February - Deshima Sounds at Nishicon 2018
  • March - Deshima Sounds at Vincent's Verjaardag, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
  • April - PARADISE, hosted by Deshima Sounds
  • June - Deshima Sounds at AnimeCon 2018
  • August - Deshima Sounds at Abunai 2018
  • August - Deshima Sounds at VienCon
  • October - Deshima Sounds at KyoCon
  • November - Deshima Sounds at Tropenmuseum, Museumnacht Amsterdam
  • November - Deshima Sounds at Japan Festival Amstelveen
  • June - Deshima Sounds at AnimeCon 2019, Ahoy Rotterdam
  • September - Deshima Sounds at VienCon
  • September - Deshima Sounds at Pon The Beats
  • All year - Various online parties due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • May - Start of Paradise Online, an online party catered to eurobeat music worldwide
  • All year - Various online parties due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • October - Deshima Sounds at Heroes Made In Asia