Monthly Mix #2 – March 2016

Monthly Mix #2 - March 2016

Every month we release a non-stop mix made by the Deshima Sounds crew. The rules of making this mix are easy - there are none. You might find a 10 minute mix or it could be a full 6 hour set, it's all up to how the deejay feels. Same goes with the theme. You could be listening to eurobeat one month, j-core the next, and deep house the month after. Or maybe all these styles jam-packed in one mix.

This month we selected 37 of our favorite eurobeat tracks and smashed them together in a one-hour non-stop mix. You can listen to famous songsĀ and hidden gems. The mix starts with a hit from about 25 years ago, and continues on to takes you all the way to the present. Deshima Sounds once started with eurobeat as a main genre to play, and we try to keep up that tradition as often as we can. Listen to this non-stop mix now!

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