Monthly Mix #4 – May 2016

Monthly Mix #4 - May 2016

Every month we release a non-stop mix made by the Deshima Sounds crew. The rules of making this mix are easy - there are none. You might find a 10 minute mix or it could be a full 6 hour set, it's all up to how the deejay feels. Same goes with the theme. You could be listening to eurobeat one month, j-core the next, and deep house the month after. Or maybe all these styles jam-packed in one mix.

The summer is the best season of them all. Enjoying the sun, going to the beach, take your friends out for a nice picknick in the park... you name it! Why wouldn't you do that with the Deshima Sounds melodies you love? That's why we made the May 2016 monthly mix one full of the best house tracks to get you ready for the summer. Over one hour of great tunes to enjoy a sunny day (or keep the sunny feeling on a rainy day, of course). The sweetest mix of May!

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