Monthly Mix #14 – March 2017

Monthly Mix #14 - March 2017

Every month we release a non-stop mix made by the Deshima Sounds crew. The rules of making this mix are easy - there are none. You might find a 10 minute mix or it could be a full 6 hour set, it's all up to how the deejay feels. Same goes with the theme. You could be listening to eurobeat one month, j-core the next, and deep house the month after. Or maybe all these styles jam-packed in one mix.

March 2017 is the month our Neodash Zerox celebrates his birthday. To be exact, it's March 1st! And on his treat, he sent in this Monthly Mix for you to enjoy. He wanted to use the following tags, but MixCloud only allows a few. We're listing them anyway, for you to get an idea what's going on in this 1,5 hour mix! So get ready to enjoy K-Pop, Twerk, Glitchhop, House, Trap, Chiptune, Harddance, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Powerstomp, Drum n Bass, Uptempo Hardcore. Of course, Deshima Sounds style!