Monthly Mix #15 – Anime 2017

Monthly Mix #15 - Anime 2017

Every month we release a non-stop mix made by the Deshima Sounds crew. The rules of making this mix are easy - there are none. You might find a 10 minute mix or it could be a full 6 hour set, it's all up to how the deejay feels. Same goes with the theme. You could be listening to eurobeat one month, j-core the next, and deep house the month after. Or maybe all these styles jam-packed in one mix.

We are getting ready for our next big party, and at this party we'll have a special guest. At our Anime 2017 party we will be accompanied by our good friend DJ BrainShit. This crazy dude is coming all the way from Germany to bring all your favorite tunes, in the typical Deshima Sounds fashion.

To get you in the mood, he made a non-stop mix for all our fans and friends, blending house, electro, complextro, UK hardcore, drum'n'bass and j-core all together. Be sure to visit us at Anime 2017!